Sunday, July 8, 2007

Little Break...

As you can tell, I've taken a bit of a break. We're finishing up our homestudy to adopt one (or hopefully TWO!) siblings for DS and it's a lot more insane to get it all done than I'd thought! I'll hop back in as soon as I finish it up, though!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Day 75

Fun time today! Here's DS:
Petting an alligator

Holding a snake

Just LOVING this turtle! He thought this thing was great and spent ages playing with it!
This is DS on Saturday in little boy heaven. We went to my little sisters' birthday party, and he was surrounded by a bunch of 11 year old girls who thought he was cute and actually enjoyed the fact that he was tagging along. it was so totally adorable!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day 73

Birds in my mulberry tree! I've been trying to get a decent bird shot for ages, but we live in the damned 'burbs and they aren't quite as plentiful. Still, I like this one!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 72

Took a week off to get through some insanity, but I'm back on track! Here are some of my first attempts at actually posing him for portraits. Wow, I had NO IDEA how hard it was to make a 2 year old sit still - yikes! My camera had major trouble with autofocus. Half of the pictures focused on the tree, it was so aggravating! Normally, I'd just go to manual, but I couldn't keep up with his movements in manual focus, so I just sucked it up and figured I'd get a few that would be okay..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 71

Some night photography!
We went to a local state college to take some pics at night. I thought it was great fun!

One of the classroom buildings

A weird statue/art thing on the lawn

A traffic trail

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 70

So, I decided today to go and get some new running shoes to go with my new gym membership. I've had my current pair for a while and I'll usually take any excuse to go shoe shopping. I figured I'd just run in, find a cute pair and run out. Oh man, has anyone gone running shoe shopping lately? Dude, that is one serious state of fug. Seriously, they were so totally ugly, by the time I hit the fourth store I actually asked the sales person why they were all so hideous. At first she tried to pretend they weren't and then she admitted I was right and they were awful. She told me the guys are worse! Anyway, she asked another sales rep why and he told her it was because they needed to be reflective. I guess I've found a new sales area - INDOOR running shoes!!!!! No need for the neon and the silver on a treadmill. So, after the FIFTH store, I decided to totally embrace the fug and just go with comfort over fashion. In the end, I found a pair that feels fantastic and isn't the absolute worst out there. So, I present - the fugiliciousness of my new kicks. yum.